This New Movie On Netflix Is Like ‘The Vow’ But So Much Scarier

People are calling it an anti-romcom!
This New Movie On Netflix Is Like ‘The Vow’ But So Much Scarier

The Vow was iconic and it's why everyone is in love with Channing Tatum. Netflix apparently also knows that The Vow is untouchable, so instead, they're making a version for fans of both the rom-com and horror genre. Is Secret Obsession on Netflix good? It may be Netflix’s new movie of the year!

Netflix has been no stranger to the 'creepy thriller' this year after they released their original TV show, You, and the movie The Perfection, but this new movie is taking two of the most popular genre's and making it into one.

If you've been wondering what happened to Brenda Song after The Suite Life of Zack And Cody ended, we found her and she has amnesia. Brenda Song is one of the main characters in this new horror movie, called Secret Obsession, alongside Mike Vogel. 

The movie follows a young woman named Jennifer who gets told in the hospital, that following an accident, she no longer remembers her life. Her husband takes her home and introduces her to the life she forgot.

As Jennifer tries to remember people and places she realizes that something isn't right with the man who is claiming to be her husband. She finds out hat he's actually a stalker and the life he created for her was fabricated.  

The movie begins streaming on July 18th. Although the trailer seems to give the whole movie away, we still can't wait!