"Seinfeld" Is Finally Coming To Netflix Canada, But There's A Catch

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"Seinfeld" Is Finally Coming To Netflix Canada, But There's A Catch

For Netflix users, the most frustrating part of the streaming service is how they take away shows that are everyone's favourites. From Friends, to The Office, it seems like the website can't exactly be trusted. While we get new content to Netflix Canada every single month, it may be shows we've never heard of or completely new shows. But what about the classics? Well, Seinfeld is finally making its way to Netflix Canada, but there is a catch. 

Netflix announced on Twitter (like usual) that the streaming site would finally get the Emmy-Award winning show. And no, this isn't just for the US subscribers, but worldwide! However, as usual, there's something that may annoy you. 

Netflix announced that the Seinfeld would be on Netflix... but only in 2021. While that does seem far, realistically, 2019 is almost over! We just have to wait a little over a year. 

All 180 episodes of the show will be on the site, so get ready to binge it in one sitting. Should we already clear our calendars for 2021?

If you've never seen Seinfeld before, it ran from 1989 to 1998 and fans absolutely fell in love with it. It follows Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George who all live in New York City and are trying to figure out their lives. 

You can view the trailer for season one below, which they used to call a "show about nothing". However, real fans of Seinfeld know that's anything but true. 

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