Netflix Canada Released "The I-Land" Today & People Can't Stop Talking About How Bad It Is

"Becoming a trend for Netflix to put their B-tier content out on a Thursday."
Netflix Canada Released "The I-Land" Today & People Can't Stop Talking About How Bad It Is

With the release of the new Disney+ streaming service being just a few short months away, Netflix has been seriously feeling the heat lately. The OG streaming service has been promising it's viewers all kinds of awesome content in hopes of holding onto their loyalty, but not everything they've produced lately has received great reviews. Is The I-Land on Netflix good? Twitter users are absolutely ripping the show apart.

Earlier today, September 12, Netflix released its latest series called The I-Land. The show has been compared to the disastrous Fyre Festival because it takes place on a luxurious island where things turn ugly very quickly, as well as the hit series Lost, as it follows a group of people who've been stranded on the aforementioned island.

Simply based on the trailer, the show looks like it would be really good and would keep audiences on the edge of their seats while watching the castaways trying to figure out the mysterious island and take on the dubious task of surviving.

Some Twitter users have already had the chance to check out the show since it dropped this morning and the majority of the reviews are saying that the show is hilariously bad and that Netflix users shouldn't waste their time watching.

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If you ask me, the fact that someone said that The I-Land makes Riverdale look like a masterpiece speaks volumes because that's seriously hard to do.

The series has seven episodes available for streaming on Netflix, all of which are roughly 40 minutes, so if you do decide to binge-watch it, at least you won't be wasting too much of your precious time. The I-Land has also been dubbed a "limited series" meaning that we likely we won't be getting a second season, which is may be a good thing.