Netflix’s New Show ‘The Society’ Is Receiving The Worst Reviews On Twitter

'The Society' premiered on Netflix on May 10th.
Netflix’s New Show ‘The Society’ Is Receiving The Worst Reviews On Twitter

When a new series or movie makes its way onto Netflix (which is basically every day at this point), people are quick to watch it and give their reviews on social media, and they definitely don't hold back. If the show is amazing and worth watching, they'll let you know, but if the show is bad, they'll rip it apart mercilessly. A new show was released on Netflix today called The Society, so you may be wondering, is The Society on Netflix good

The show is being compared to RiverdaleLost, and Lord of the Flies. It's about a group of teenagers who wake up to find themselves in an exact copy of the New England town where they live, but their parents have mysteriously disappeared. The kids are overjoyed at first and begin partying and living the life they've always dreamed of, but things turn upside down very quickly.

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The kids realize that in order to function as a society, they need structure and rules. In order to survive, they begin making alliances with one another, but things definitely don't go as planned.

Although the trailer for the show looked promising, people on Twitter are absolutely ripping it apart:

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According to Twitter users, the show's acting is subpar, the episodes feel like they go on for ages, and the storyline is mediocre. It's scored a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes so far, which is quite low for a teen drama, but we're sure that more brutally honest reviews will be coming as more people have a chance to watch the show over the coming days. 

The Society's first season has 10 episodes, all of which are roughly an hour long. You can stream it on Netflix now, but if you want to check out the trailer beforehand, you can do so below:

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