Welcome to 2017, where people think it's okay to put cheeseburgers over their soda. *Sighs*

Okay, we get it, people looove to put donuts on cute drinks like milkshakes and coffee. It's trendy, it's cute, it's whatever. But I must say, this new trend is nothing like you ever seen before. And it's honestly weird AF. 

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This weird trend started in Japan, and it seems like it's making it's way onto Twitter and Instagram very quickly. The trend is sticking a hamburger through a straw that's filled with soda. Not sure why, but this trend better die as fast as it's come to be. 

There have even been pictures of this trend using breakfast sandwiches. One word: Stop. 

I'm hoping this trend doesn't make it's way over to America anytime soon. The donuts around the iced coffee was cute for a minute, but we definitely don't need to make iced coffee even more beautiful than it already is. And sorry guys, you just can't jazz up a McDonald's burger. It tastes great, but let's put a stop to this before we're in too deep. 

What do you think? Will you be participating in this genius/weird new food trend?! 

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