These Cats & Kittens Could Be Left To Die When Humans Leave Their Canadian Island (PHOTOS)

The island is expected to be empty by the end of 2019.
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Humans Prepare To Leave Behind An Island Of Cats In Newfoundland

Feral cats and kittens face an uncertain future on one Newfoundland and Labrador island, as all of the human residents are packing up to leave the small town for good. As all of Little Bay Islands’ residents pack up to permanently relocate before the end of the year, the humans are preparing to leave behind an island of cats in Newfoundland.

Animal lovers in Newfoundland and Labrador are seeking help for the 40-50 kittens and cats that are expected to be left behind this year, as the entire community of Little Bay Islands have decided to resettle elsewhere. By the end of the year, the town’s electricity, maintenance, water and other government services will be withdrawn, leaving behind nothing but a furry community of feral kittens.

Little Bay Islands, which is located just off Newfoundland’s northern coast, now has a population of approximately 71 people, all of whom will be leaving the town in the coming weeks and months. As the community says goodbye to their home, many are concerned about the feral cats that will have nowhere to go.

Carol Hull, a Little Bay Islands resident, explained to Global News that there was approximately 40 cats and kittens living in the area, most of whom had been left behind by previous residents of the town.

The lasting population of “semi-feral” cats have relied on humans for many resources, and could seriously suffer when all of the people are gone.

While Hull is doing everything she can to help the kitties in the town, including feeding them, rescuing kittens and trying to facilitate adoptions, she explained that many are too wild to be taken in, and time is running out.

Thankfully, Hull is not alone in her fight for the safety of Little Bay Islands' cats, and animal welfare groups from the rest of Newfoundland are stepping in. Intending to domesticate and adopt-out as many of the cats as possible, the Exploits Valley SPCA has started a social media campaign to publicize the plight of these furry felines.

In a Facebook post that included some adorable pictures of the islands’ cats, the charity explained, “There’s a cat problem in Newfoundland and Labrador (and) the entire world. Little Bay Islands is no exception, but it poses a problem since it will soon be abandoned.” 

They went on, “Just imagine if nobody bothered to trap them. Each of those 11 females [pictured] would be outside, left to reproduce kittens over and over until all starved on a deserted island.”

While some of the islands’ rescued cats have already been adopted, the SPCA in Newfoundland continues to search for patient and loving homes for their feral felines, calling on Canadians to like/share/tag their friends in an attempt to find the leftover kitties a forever family.

More information about adopting one of Little Bay Islands’ left-behind kitties can be found here.

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