With so much attention on the gorgeous mountains that fill the NC skyline, the sandy coast is sometimes overlooked. There are over 400 islands near North Carolina and each one is known for its unique beauty. Oak Island is among the list of magical beach towns on the Outerbanks and it's the perfect time of year to explore all that it has to offer.

Not to be confused with the Nova Scotia spot famous for its mysterious hidden treasure, Oak Island is the kind of place you'd probably imagine when you think of a getaway at shore.

With over 14 miles of beaches, tons of outdoor activities, quaint cottages and an all-around peaceful aura, you can expect to feel nostalgic as you sink into what your childhood vacations were once made of.

The island, which sits along a stretch of land Southwest of Wilmington, is what many consider the perfect escape. If you're looking for ways to vacay this spring without spending a fortune on plane tickets, this may be your ideal excursion. 

As you stretch out in the sand while sipping fruity drinks and soaking up all the sun rays, you can take in all the tropical vibes while simultaneously showing love for the local East coast oceans.

There are multiple oceanfront Airbnbs waiting for guests to cozy up, enjoy the views and listen to sound of the waves crashing ashore.

If you're seeking to add a little adventure during your stay, you can explore the whimsical town on bikes, kayak through the mystical marshland, climb the historic lighthouse or venture to deeper waters on a fishing trip.

With all the money you saved visiting a more local scene, you may want to splurge on a little shopping at the boutiques in town and savor some fresh seafood at local eateries.

Spring break is creeping up, so you may want to hop on this opportunity to plan a staycation with your groupchat at one of many of North Carolina treasures.

Oak Island

Address: 705 Ocean Dr., Oak Island, NC

Why You Need To Go: Find your zen at this dreamy maritime island right off the coast of the Carolinas.