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This BC Bakery Is Making Single-Serving Isolation Cakes For Your Solo Hang

Chrissy Teigen made one! 😍
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This BC Bakery Is Making Single-Serving Isolation Cakes For Your Solo Hang

Self-isolating is about to get a whole lot sweeter. Thanks to a cute Vancouver Island cafe, you can buy isolation cakes that are perfectly made for one person. The cakes made by Ruth and Dean look dreamy and they're honestly all we need in our lives and on our plates right now.

With everyone being encouraged to self-isolate, many businesses all over Canada are losing income. 

Now, retailers have been forced to close their doors or adopt new business models that follow guidelines enforced by government and health officials. 

One business on Vancouver Island who fell victim to a decrease in sales knew they had to act fast in order to gain back customers. 

Ruth and Dean is a cute little cafe in the greater Victoria area. When they noticed fewer and fewer people coming into the shop, the owners decided to create a unique goodie based on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That is how the isolation cake was born. 

Coming in at four inches, these cakes are designed to be eaten by one person. But let’s be real, even if it was a full-sized cake, you know you wouldn’t share. 

These cakes were specially designed for people who are self-isolating. 

Susannah Bryan, one of the owners of the cafe, spoke with CTV News about the cakes stating that she wanted to make sure people had a way to indulge and celebrate even if it was privately. 

The cakes look incredible and they're bound to make all of your self-isolation dreams come true.

With sprinkles, mint and lavender icing, and possibly the cutest balloon and streamer decorations ever, it’s hard not to smile when you look at these miniature cakes. 

According to the cafe's Instagram account, the bakers are asking for at least a 24-hour lead time when ordering.

It's so worth the wait.  

Each order can be placed by calling Ruth and Dean at 250-590-2780.

If you’re looking for a little something more than just the miniature cake, Ruth and Dean are also offering take away services for all their savoury foods. 

It’s local, yummy, and way better than going to the chaotic grocery stores. 

When you place our order, all you need to do is head to Ruth and Dean when it is ready and someone from inside the cafe will run it out to the car and place it in the truck for you. 

No contact, no problem!

But it looks like this Victoria cafe isn’t the only one doing self-isolation cakes. Even Chrissy Teigen, Twitter superstar and model legend, got on-board with isolation cakes. 

“Made a cool isolation cake. I can almost feel the boredom,” writes Teigen in her Tweet. 

Her cake is a little different and was big enough to feed her entire family which is fair. 

If you happen to find yourself living in Ontario, you can still take advantage of these self-isolation cakes. 

An Ontario bakery is delivering “quarantine cakes” to ensure your sweet tooth cravings are fulfilled. Each cake has a fun saying like “social distance and chill” and we love them. 

It seems like everyone is capitalizing on this unique situation. Even a bar in Victoria made an epic playlist called “quarantunes” featuring only local bands to ensure you don’t get bored of your heavily rotated playlist. 

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