IT Chapter 2 is about to hit theatres around the world in two weeks and we have the perfect way for you to get ready for the premiere. You can visit some iconic IT filming locations right in your backyard. This kind of opportunity doesn't happen very often for Canadians so take advantage if you can! Here are all the IT Chapter 2 filming locations you can visit in Canada. 

The studio used for both parts one and two of the film is Pinewood studios in Toronto, meaning much of the movie's exterior shots were also filmed in Toronto and the rest just outside of Toronto. 

The Sewer 

This sewer grate is probably one of the most memorable locations from the IT series. This is where we get our first introduction to Pennywise and lose poor Georgie.

This sewer grate was custom made for the movie but still resides in North York, just outside of Toronto. The sewer is visible near Springmount Avenue and William Street.

The School

The school that the Loser's club attended was home to a couple of scenes in the first movie and will again come up in Part 2. Set decorators managed to remodel Mount Mary Retreat Centre in Ancaster, Ontario to look like Derry High. This center is open to visitors!

The Library 

The Derry Library also plays a huge role in the films. This is another location where Pennywise comes out to play, this time with Ben. It's also where Ben spends his time researching the history of Derry and Pennywise.

This is actually the building that serves as the town hall for Port Hope Ontario. The building was only used for exterior shots. Interior scenes of the library were filmed back at Pinewood Studios in Toronto.

The Barrens 

The Barrens is another easily recognizable set location for fans of the movie. This is where the Loser's Club spent most of their time hanging out in the summer and forming their bond that resulted in the creation of the actual Loser's Club.

This is really Rouge Park in Scarborough, Ontario!

Pennywise's House 

Probably the most popular attraction, the exterior of Pennywise's home that burned down in a fire is still available to visit! This home was built purposely in Oshawa for exterior shots of the film but you can also visit the home that provided interior shots.

At 450 Pape Ave., Toronto, the cast and crew spent most of their time filming interiors of the house scenes.

The Bridge 

The Derry kissing bridge is probably one of the most aesthetic and creepiest locations you can visit. The bridge is located in Waterloo which is a pretty far distance away from Toronto (almost two hours). But if you're a die-hard fan and willing to make the journey you probably won't be disappointed.