Food is an important part of a country's culture because it speaks to the tastes of the people who live there. Canada may be known for maple syrup and poutine but there seems to be a new favourite to the great white north; ramen noodles. 

If you live in a city you know that a ramen shop can be found on every corner but other Canadians know that the instant noodle aisle in the grocery store isn't a terrible choice either. Some new data shows that Canadians are starting to eat more ramen than ever before and honestly who could blame them? 

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According to market trends for instant noodles, consumers are eating more ramen than ever putting a growth in sales at 4.94%. While that may not seem like a substantial growth, that's more than $20 million more being spent on instant noodles than before. 

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The popularity of ramen can be seen across the world but leading those trends are North Americans, including Canada! When you consider that our country is winter for half the year, it's not surprising that Canadians would want a nice hot bowl of ramen to warm up! 

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Social media also has helped create trends focused on the delicious noodle bowls. Who can forget the spicy noodle trend all over YouTube that was known as the Fire Noodle Challenge?

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Only the brave would eat Samyang 2x Hot Chicken Noodles because they are super spicy (literally the package calls them nuclear hot). Still, that didn't stop publications like Buzzfeed and INSIDER to give the challenge a try. 

No matter what it looks like the ramen trend is here to stay in Canada. Bring on the spicy broth, yummy noodles, and toppings galore. Luckily anyone can customize ramen to cater to their dietary standards and taste preferences. 

It's now statistically proven that ramen is the best, so why not go and warm up this autumn with a bowl of noodles!