It's Official: The Spice Girls Have Signed Contracts For Their Reunion Tour

It's Official: The Spice Girls Have Signed Contracts For Their Reunion Tour

Alright, it's official, this Spice Girls situation is the most confusing and emotionally tolling story in the celeb world right now. One second it's announced, the next Posh says it's a no-go, and now they reportedly have signed contracts for a reunion tour?! Stop playing with my emotions Spice Girls!

According to TMZ, Mel B and the girls signed contracts just last Friday agreeing to several reunionconcerts to form a tour that will hit both the U.K and the United States. While the news source acknowledges that Posh did tell Vogue it was all just a rumor, TMZ is adamant that they have indeed signed deals specifically for a tour. So Posh, are you trying to pull a fast one on us or what?

It would make sense considering the tour preparation has probably only just started now, and who doesn't love some suspense before an official reveal from the girls themselves? Though there is some bad news for Spice Girls fans, apparently the tour is set to only visit two countries, being the U.S and U.K and will feature a very limited amount of concerts. 

Though if you are still holding onto hope that they will, in fact, visit Canada, the good news is most bands consider dates like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal as part of North American tours, so maybe they'll slide in a Canadian date for their U.S tour? Regardless we're sure Spice fans will be traveling far and wide to see their favourite girls in action if they have to! 

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