It's Time To Actually Freak Out, 'The Office' Might Be Leaving Netflix For Good

NBC is set to launch it's own streaming service in 2020.
It's Time To Actually Freak Out, 'The Office' Might Be Leaving Netflix For Good

I distinctly remember a few months ago, when so many of you were freaking out over the mere RUMOUR that Friends would be leaving Netflix. Thousands of people threatened to cancel their subscriptions and boycott the streaming service over a show that honestly, in my opinion, is out of date and really not that entertaining. Unfortunately, it's time to ACTUALLY freak out - The Office might be leaving Netflix for good.

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For so many of us, The Office is a Netflix staple. I know it's my go-to whenever I'm feeling a little down, need some background noise while studying, or if I can't come to a consensus on what else I could possibly watch. No matter how many times I watch the series, I always find something new to laugh at, and I know many people feel the same way.

The reason why we're legitimately allowed to start freaking out over this news is that NBC has confirmed that they're set to have their own ad-supported streaming service up and running by 2020. CEO Steve Burke has said they could consider moving The Office from Netflix to the new streaming service, as it is one of their most popular shows.

Seeing as Netflix has been so heavily focused on producing original content, it's hard to say whether they'd let The Office go or not. If user response is similar to the near-riot that ensued when news of Friends potentially leaving was released, they may be willing to dish out the extra funds to keep the show around.

We do have to remember though, this could lead to yet ANOTHER raise in prices by Netflix. So ask yourself, do you really want to pay $25 a month to watch The Office, or would you rather pay a much smaller amount to watch it on another streaming services, free of all the issues that Netflix has been giving us lately?

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