Travel is a major part of so many people's lives, myself included. 

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My parents have made a point to instill a love for travel in me from a young age, and I've been fortunate enough to fuel that love throughout my life. I've lived and traveled to a total of 45 countries, and that list keeps growing all the time. So where exactly have I been? Check it out: 

Yes, I know I've still got a ways to go and hopefully can re-do this list when I hit 100 countries (a  girl can dream right?) but for now here are a few of my favourite countries I've visited: 

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1. Spain

If you can only go to one country in Europe, I would tell you to go to Spain 10/10 times. Spain has everything anyone could want from a trip: art, culture, incredible food, and sandy beaches. I have been to Spain at least 15 different times and it NEVER fails to amaze me. I think what makes Spain so amazing is that each city and each region is so completely different from one another.

Must do: Have traditional paella in Barcelona.

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2. Bali 

Yes, it's just as amazing as all those Instagram models make it seem. I always say that Bali is 'affordable luxury'. How can you not love a place where you can spend 3 hours in a garden spa getting massages and treatments all for under $40...? Another thing people don't tell you about Bali is that they have AWESOME shopping and restaurants. You know all those cute clothes they sell online from Australian websites? Well, the boutiques in Bali are STOCKED with that kind of clothes. Also, they might have some of the nicest locals I've ever encountered.

Must do: Learn to surf!

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3. Israel 

Israel is an incredible place that many people seem to overlook. It has an amazing way of mixing a varieties of cultures and religions in one place for a totally unique experience. Regardless of what religion you are, you can't deny how fascinating it is to see the places the bible references in real life; it's surreal. Israel also has a variety of beautiful beaches, being located both on the Red and Mediterranean Seas. And who could forget the Dead Sea?! The water is 11% saltier than regular ocean, thus extremely buoyant and perfect for floating. Lastly, Israel has really, really good dairy products...not sure why, but facts are facts, people.

Must Do: Float in the Dead Sea after covering yourself in Dead Sea mud.

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4. Japan 

Japan has an incredible way of mixing old and new, traditional and futuristic. On one hand you'll be amazed by the hoards of people, bright lights, and insane technological advancements, but on the other, you'll be surprised by the calm tranquility of Buddhist Temples and awe-inspiring nature. Out of all the countries I've been to, I think Japan was by far the biggest culture shock, in the best way possible. You may have an idea of what Japan is like, but until you go, you have NO idea.

Must Do: Go see Mount Fuji ( a bit away from Tokyo or Kyoto but TOTALLY worth it).

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5. Singapore 

I had the pleasure of living in Singapore for 5 months and totally fell in love. First thing you'll notice is how incredibly clean it is, followed how incredibly green it is. Singapore is located in a rainforest and that, mixed with the insane architecture and futuristic skys crappers make it a one of a kind place. There are 4 main cultural influences in Singapore: Malay, Chinese, Indian and British, all of which blend harmoniously in this country. Side note, partying in Singapore was more wild then Vegas or Ibiza for me, so hopefully that says something about the nightlife.

Must Do: THAT infinity pool located in the Marina Bay Sands. ^

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6. Netherlands

I have been to Netherlands roughly 5 times and something about it makes me feel right at home. The people are so incredibly friendly, everyone speaks perfect English, the food is simple and great, and there's always so much to see. Yes, they are very progressive with the drug laws, but getting baked isn't the only reason people should come to this wonderful country. The Van Gogh Museum is still by far one of my favourite museums and learning the history of this country (Amsterdam is actually one of the oldest cities in Europe) is so interesting. Aside from Amsterdam, try exploring cities like Harlem, Rotterdam and Delft.

Must Do: go to the country side and see some windmills. It's so picturesque!