Have you been searching high and low for a geeked-out version of Wolf of Wall Street with a Polish polka dancer instead of Jordan Belfort? No, me neither. But Netflix has brought us one anyway.

The streaming site just dropped the newest trailer for The Polka King, your new favourite movie about a Polka Ponzi scheme starring Jack Black.

The film centres on Jan Lewan, a Polish immigrant desperate for his own piece of the American dream. Lewan forms a  a Polka band with best friend Mickey Pizzazz (Jason Schwartzman) and marries aspiring beauty queen Marla (Jenny Slate). As he expands his band, he becomes something of a sensation on the Pennsylvania polka band scene when he’s caught scamming his investors.

Sound ridiculous? It's actually based on a true story. 

Back in the '90s, Lewan - a Polish immigrant - was on his way to becoming the biggest name in Polka. He promised fans that if they invested in him, they would see a return in investment. The guise would rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowed him to mix with the likes of Donald Trump and Vanilla Ice. Eventually, he went to prison and nearly died at the hand of a fellow inmate.

It all sounds pretty scandalous. The film hits Netflix on January 12th.