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Castillo De San Marcos Virtual Tour Lets You Explore The Fort From Your Home

Florida has a vast and rich history, but if you think the only way to learn about it is tedious lectures and musty books, you’ve got another thing coming. What if you could actually travel back in time and explore 17th century Florida, wander ancient halls, and take in picturesque views that have seen brutal battles all from your home? Skip the lines and books and immerse yourself in the history of Castillo de San Marcos with this virtual tour!

Castillo de San Marcos finds its home in St. Augustine, at what used to be the northernmost point of a vast Spanish empire. The stories of 320 years worth of battles, treaties, and life are retold through weapons demonstrations, reenactments, and monthly events.

The virtual tour offers explorers a unique opportunity to wander the fort all by themselves — no crowds, no lines, and no tourists. It’s also a great way to scout out some areas you really want to see in person one day.

Explore the oldest and most well-preserved Spanish fort in the U.S. with a 360-degree view of its exterior, from the City Gates to the seawall. Overlook the Matanzas River which saw many battles, tour the structure from within, and even check out the view from the upper gun deck.

Don’t forget to click the info button as you move through the grounds; text pops ups at each new interval will teach you more about the fort and its history.

There are also several different interactive 3D models throughout the tour that you can access by clicking the 3D button. The process of 3D scanning the entire structure is still in progress, so be sure to check back for updates.

You can wander Castillo de San Marcos from your computer or smartphone, and you can even explore the 3D models with certain compatible Virtual Reality devices.

A history lesson has never been this fun before!

Castillo de San Marcos Virtual Tour

Address: 1 S Castillo Dr, St. Augustine, FL

Why You Need To Go: Unlock your inner Indie or Laura and explore this ancient structure on your own at home with this virtual tour.

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