Whether it’s from a furry friend, a family member, or your favorite blanket, snuggles can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and give you a much-needed release of oxytocin. But for those introverts, long-distance relationships, or even those who have lost loved ones, it can be harder to come by genuine snuggle time. A mother and daughter in Jacksonville, Florida knew there was a potential market for such a thing, so they opened Cozy Up Studio, where you can actually snuggle with strangers.

The internet is having some very mixed reactions to this new development, and while Joni Eitzmann, the owner of Cozy Up Studio, insists that the platonic snuggling does a lot of good for the community, like anything else in the world, there are people totally for it and others who aren't so convinced.

You might be wondering how much something like this would cost; if anything at all. Yes indeed there is a price involved and, sessions cost anywhere from $25 to $200 for 3 hours. Guess we shouldn't have taken those hugs from mom for granted. 

One Facebook user said, “I'm a weird person but this is TOO weird.”

Eitzmann admitted she had a lot of explaining to do, which is to be expected.

A platonic cuddling studio is definitely a new and different business venture. But Eitzmann added that now that the holiday season is in full gear, her business is especially busy.

Another Facebook user was a little more optimistic, “Can confirm. Heath cuddles the best.”

While the concept is bringing comfort and joy to those who may have suffered the loss of a loved one, some people on Facebook were a little skeptical. They insisted that dogs would make better, and safer, cuddling companions, while others were completely put off by the idea of being intimate, even platonically, with a stranger.

Others joked that the most awkward part would be when someone’s arm falls asleep. Sometimes these kinds of things just have to be experienced first before passing judgment. 

Eitzmann and her daughter even plan on holding cuddle parties in the future, so there will be plenty of chance to check it out.

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Cozy Up Studio

Price: $$

When: Open for reservations

Address: 9310 Old Kings Road South, Suite 701, Jacksonville, Florida 32257, United States

Why You Need To Go: If you're feeling lonely or anxious, this may just be a great spot to get some genuine comfort.