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The New Dragon Ball Z-Themed Eatery In Jacksonville Just Brought Back A Fan Favorite

Pick your flavors & level up your Soupa noods to over 9000!
Dragon Ball Z Themed Noodle Shop Soupa Saiyan Jacksonville Bring Back Build Your Own Bowls

After solidifying their place in Orlando, Dragon Ball Z themed noodle shop Soupa Saiyan FINALLY opened up a new location in Jacksonville — and we were so pumped. Fans of the original location were a little disappointed, however, after finding out that the build your own bowl option did not come with it.

Fans of this nerdy little noodle bar have been commenting since they opened on their Insta and Facebook posts wondering when they could expect to see the popular customizable bowls make a comeback; with no dropped date, it seemed it may never happen.

Soupa was kind enough to hint they'd be bringing it back though, letting their noodle lovers know why they were holding off on the return of the popular dish.

Due to Soupa Saiyan 2 featuring an entirely new and revamped menu, the noodle shop that scaled our excitement levels to over 9000 opted to remove the build your own bowl option to focus on perfecting the new items: offering more variety than just ramen and Japanese cheesecake in their shop.

After what's felt like forever, they've finally brought the customizable bowls to their Jacksonville location: Saiyan's rejoice!

We're strappin' into our Nimbus and flyin' on over, like, yesterday.

The noodle bar made the announcement on December 12th, with a post to their Instagram page, and we couldn't be more excited.

Those who have waited patiently were quick to comment that they were on their way to slurp up some super noods.

Now you can enjoy your bowl your way, in their Soupa space - selecting everything from noodle style to proteins, toppings, and extra add-ins to make your special soup.

The Jacksonville location has wall to wall manga clippings and anime references in bright splashes of color, and even neon lights and tunes to really set a mood.

If you're all about those noods, an overview of Soupa Saiyan 2 can be found below. If you happen to be in Orlando, you can find more info about the spot that started it all here.

Soupa Saiyan 2 — Soupa Noodle Bar

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Build your own noodles, ramen, pho, and Japanese-style sweets and eats.

Address: 4549 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 

Why You Need To Go: A deliciously nostalgic place to indulge in your need for noodles and take in all the Dragon Ball Z geekery of your childhood.

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