Nothing makes you feel more like a fairytale princess than hanging out with wild animals in a peaceful setting. If you break out in song and they start helping you clean, though, that’s a whole other level. While you won’t be having sing-alongs and cleaning sprees with these critters, you can get a downright magical moment hand-feeding adorable baby deer at this Florida farm's animal encounter!

Park manager Tucker told Narcity that Santa Rosa Ranch was originally a hunting preserve, and when Kevin Grace and his family bought the property in 2015, but they opted to go for a gentler angle.

Now, the preserve is home to over 2000 fallow and axis deer, all descendants of those from the hunting days, with 540-acres of farm and animal agriculture.

Admission is just $10, and along with the enchanting experience of hand-feeding deer, you can also check out the zip line, petting zoo, and unlimited hayrides. There are even $5 pony rides and apple cannons to try your hand at too.

The summer months are a special time for the preserve because that’s when all the baby deer are around! While the exact time varies each year, Santa Rosa Ranch holds a seasonal summer festival called Fawntopia — where guests can come fawn over all the new babies.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements on the festival.

The Autumn months are another time of celebration, where Santa Rosa hosts a fall festival with crop and hay mazes for guests to explore.

If you're a fan of casting a line, fishing is also encouraged on the premises — with 13 ponds full of catfish, bass, and other marine life. Pack your rod, gear, and lunch and your visit suddenly becomes a mini fishing trip.

If you’re looking for a magical animal encounter on a stunning slice of Florida country charm, Santa Rosa Ranch is definitely a place to add to your bucket list.

Santa Rosa Ranch, LLC

Price: $10 admission

Address: 4340 Hwy 178 Jay, FL

Why You Need To Go: Hang out with baby deer, cruise around on unlimited hayrides, fish and more while you enjoy the fresh Florida air.

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