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Internet Famous Ex-Convict 'Wide Neck' Announces He'll Be Playing For The Florida Gators

He'll even be taking on a class load at U of F.
Florida Gators Sign Charles McDowell "Wide Neck" Ex-Convict To The Team

No matter where you come from, everyone has the ability to take the mistakes they've made and learn from them —sometimes even changing the entire scope of their lives with a single decision. While some ex-convicts may struggle to find their footing after serving time, others may find the perfect opportunity waiting for them. It seems that golden opportunity has found its way to internet-famous ex-con Wide Neck, who says he will be playing football at a major Florida University soon.

About two years ago, Charles McDowell gained sweeping fame across the web after a leaked mugshot became a viral meme. McDowell was instantly dubbed "Wide Neck" due to his well...wide neck. The 32-year-old took the name and ran with it. 

From being released from jail again to rap videos it seems that the ex-con has been busy with his post-lock-up life and had something to share with the fans that follow him on Instagram. Mr. Neck took to the social platform Sunday, March 15, 2020 to deliver the announcement.

According to McDowell, not only has he enrolled in classes at the University of Florida, taking up Chemistry and Engineering, but he claims he will also be a part of the 2020/21 Gators football team.

The statement was given as he was decked out in Gators' merch, donning a bright orange school t-shirt and blue ball cap along with a football and some papers in hand. 

"I just enrolled in Florida University and I'm also taking up chemistry and engineering," says Wide Neck. "I'm also on the '20/'21 football season for next year, starting wide receiver. Come out and see me, man. Go Gators."

The video ends with McDowell moving his arms to chomp like a gator before panning to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium board in the background.

In addition to his video announcement, the post's caption gives a highlight of how Wide Neck is feeling about the chance to play on the team and work on his education.

"It is an honor for the opportunity," said Wide Neck, "and I am blessed to be an addition to the team🙏🏼💯🐊."

He also shared the news with his Twitter followers. While many fans have replied to the social media post congratulating McDowell for working hard to improve his life, folks are also confused as to whether this is actually happening or not. 

"Is this real?" asks one Twitter user in response to Wide Neck's UF post, which received no response from the man himself.

As of this afternoon, the University of Florida has not responded to Narcity's request for comment and has not made any official statement regarding Wide Neck starting as a wide receiver for the Gators this upcoming fall semester.

Whether or not he really will be putting pads on for the Gators we'll just have to wait to see.

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