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Fort Pickens Ruins In Florida Will Make You Feel Like You're In Pirates Of The Caribbean

The thrilling, swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films probably had all of us dreaming of adventures on the high seas. While the pirate’s life may be embellished by Hollywood, you can still live out some of the highlights, like exploring historic forts and maybe even searching for treasure at Fort Pickens' ruins in Florida. This Florida fort will totally make you feel like you’re in your favorite pirate film.

Situated on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, the Fort Pickens area is a gorgeous spot for the would-be pirate to explore.

Hiking trails and fishing spots are accessible around the fort's grounds, as well as guided ranger tours, camping, and kayaking in the surrounding Pensacola Beach area.

Fort Pickens is open to the public year-round and accessible by both foot and boat.

You can explore and unleash your inner Jack Sparrow from sunrise to sunset for $15 per person, or even get an annual pass for $45 if you see this being a new favorite place to escape.

You’ll want to make time to check out the visitor center on the west end of the island and wander the history museum that encompasses the area, too.

Just like the films' famed Port Royale, Pensacola Bay had significant positioning on the Gulf Coast and was an important spot for the navy.

Built in 1825, Fort Pickens saw several battles during the Civil War but endures to this day as a great place to reimagine what it was like at its peak.

History buffs, nature lovers, and wannabe pirates will all find something to enjoy at the historic Fort Pickens!

Fort Pickens

Price: $15 admission

Address: 1400 Fort Pickens Rd., Pensacola Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: Live the pirate's life for a day and explore historic Fort Pickens and the beautiful surrounding beach!

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