You Can Explore One Of Florida's Creepiest Abandoned Forts At Night

Don't pay attention to what goes "bump" in the night.
Haunted Places To Explore In Florida At Night Include Tours Of This Abandoned Fort

Walk around Castillo de San Marcos during the morning and you will catch spectacular ocean views. Visit during the evening and you will feel the ghosts roaming through the dark. If you're looking for haunted places to explore in Florida at night, be sure to add the historic Castillo de San Marcos National Monument to your itinerary. 

There are many abandoned forts in Florida like Fort Clinch in Fernandina Beach but the Castillo de San Marcos has an eerie history as the largest masonry fort in the continental United States. Through many wars and battles, the castle remained intact but people say souls from the past habit the dark corners of this abandoned fort.

This is one of St. Augustine's most visited attraction due to its beautiful structure for photographs. The castle was a site of war and imprisonment and many locals believe it's haunted.

Walking ghost tours have been very popular in this location including visits after dark. The best time of the years to visit is during the middle of September and late November. According to Naple News, some visitors have reported paranormal activity and ghost sightings. 

Though the castle is open until 5:15 p.m. for visitors you can embark on a ghostly adventure with Ghost Tours in St. Augustine. The website features many different types of tours that take place in a haunted pub or cemetery.

Some locals have reported the ghost of a woman wearing a white dress near the Castillo de San Marco, which is believed to be Delores Marti. Other tour options include a ghost tour with tour guides dressed as pirates or a ghost tour train.

Whether it is a walking or riding tour, you will get the chills at these historic landmarks. You can book the ghost tour here. The tour starts nightly at 8 p.m. near Castillo de San Marcos for $18 per person.

As a bonus, you will see real paranormal tools being used in the tour. Don't be surprised if you see a woman in black walking nearby.

Castillo de San Marcos

Address: 1 South Castillo Drive Saint Augustine, FL32084

Price: $18/person

Why you need to go: This national monument is the oldest and largest masonry fort in the continental United States.