Florida is more commonly seen as a destination for the best beach visits, but there are actually a lot of hidden gems tucked away into Florida's vast sub-tropical landscape like sparkling springs and scenic hiking trails. You can see some of Mother Nature's crowning achievements at this geological hiking area, and it is seriously stunning.

If you take a trip about 2 and a half hours East of Jacksonville you can explore Leon Sinks Geological Area; this series of hiking trails loops around 5 miles of serene and scenic forest, trickling streams, wet and dry sinkholes (both big and small), eroded limestone rock structures (karst topography), swampland, and wildlife. It's like a little slice of green heaven right here in Sunshiney Florida.

The trails are both natural terrain, lightly cleared areas for easy passage and exploration, as well as boardwalks that stretch across bodies of water. The foliage here is thick with lush green leaves; some trees have moss on the bark near the swamps, giving the feel of exploring a little mini rainforest. Some of the sinkholes have the most gorgeous turquoise water pooled in them, and the rock formations here are striking too. You can see a few shots of this natural hidden gem below:

You can even bring your dog on your adventure through the woods and marshes and get some absolutely adorable nature shots of your furry best friend:

If you're ready to explore the trails of Leon Sinks Geological Area, it's located at 2564 Wildflower Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32305. It's only $3 per vehicle each day and their operating hours are 8 am - 8 pm April 1st - Sept. 30th, Oct. 1 - Mar. 31 8 am - 6 pm. One of the cheapest exploration dates with your best friend (both 2 and 4 legged), your boo, or your own little slice of Florida heaven.

Currently, the boardwalk/platforms are closed at Hammocks Sink and along the crossover trail due to some damage from Hurricane Michael, but they are working to rebuild this portion; The rest of the trails around the other direction is still open. You can avoid this area of the trail by using the map on their website to plan your hike!

For more information about Leon Sinks Geological Area and to plan your hike with the map, check their website here.