The U.S. has been around for a while - and changes to our normal way of life came with the passing of time. From your shopping experiences to architecture, a lot has changed. There's actually a street in St. Augustine Florida that maintained a lot of original architecture from days of old - and it will seriously take you back to the past.

St. George Street in St. Augustine Florida was originally the main street running through the city back in the 1750s. Still to this day, St. George Street shows off all its character in the darling little buildings and is rich in cultural history and landmarks. The street stretches 9 miles and is a pedestrian-only thorough fair with so much to see and do.

If you're coming here to explore the history, just walking through the city is like traversing the past. The antique shop signs and brick paved walkways add to the ambiance of old. You can see and enter some really cool historical landmarks like the oldest wooden schoolhouse in the U.S., or visit the Colonial Quarter and venture a bit to Castillo De San Marcos to really learn about our country and St. Augustine's roots. You can even visit the Pirate History Museum and be a pirate for a day (Yo-ho!).

The street is chock full of kitschy shops and restaurants to pop in and out of. The street features a vast array of food options, ranging from gourmet meals to quick bites to sugary sweet treats. Stop at Crucial Coffee and The Gourmet Hut to grab a coffee and breakfast or enjoy a fairy light-lit dinner of lamb chops on a bed of scrumptious veggies. If you're wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth, The Sweet Spot has over 50 flavors of ice cream and makes the most bomb milkshakes in all of St. Aug.

And these are just a couple options for your visit down the 9-mile long street, there's so much to see and explore here. It also features various gift shops, antique shops, and a shopping mall that is literally a hallway with tons of shops. Definitely not like the malls that we're used to nowadays, but still super cool to experience. You can even find an old Zoltar fortune teller machine - as seen in the movie Big.

Visiting St. George Street is a treat and definitely an interesting day out. With no shortage of places to stop and see what's hidden in a little shop somewhere, you're sure to find a hidden gem that speaks to your soul. If you're not a fan of walking the entire thing without a guide, there are numerous places scattered down the street that offer touring services or trolly rides through the district.

It's best to tour St. George Street Monday - Thursday, any weekday if you're looking to avoid the crowd. The weekends are typically packed, especially during the summer months when tourism is in full swing for The Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum that's right off this historic street. If you do have to go on a weekend, going in the morning will help you avoid the crowd.

For more things to do on St. George Street or to book a trolley tour, check this website here.