It's no surprise that Americans are tipping the scales as the most unhealthy people around the globe. Our availability to convenient fast food options is immense and the cost of healthy options is often more than the former. Wallethub released their list of the Most & Least fattest cities in America and Jacksonville made the list, along with a few other Florida cities.

Wallethub examined 100 of the most populated metro-cities in the U.S to determine where they lose or gain weight on this list. They use 19 key indicators linked to health-related problems ranging from the number of adults who are not physically active, to accessibility to healthy food options, to the expected rate of obesity in the year 2030. 

Each city receives a ranking across a few different categories: Rate of People who are Obese or Overweight, Frequency of Severe Health Consequences Linked to Obesity, and Ease of Access to Healthy Food and Exercise Options. They are then given a final score, where they fall into their rank - a rating of 1 being the most unhealthy, to 100 being the least.

The first Florida city to appear is in the top fifty, Jacksonville at 41. It ranked 44th for their obesity rates, 51st for their accessibility to healthy options, and 31st for the frequency of severe health consequences in the nation. Even though Florida has access to a lot of healthy options and great year-round weather to stay active in, it's concerning that it ranked so high for the number of health consequences that occur in the area's population.


We know that obesity is a growing problem in the United States, and all over the world; it's no surprise that more than 1 Florida city made it on this list. Just 7 spots down in 48th - the Orlando/Kissimmee/Sanford Metro makes the list, followed by Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater in 52nd, and finally Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach in 76th. 

Wallethub recognizes that combating obesity will happen on many fronts, so they asked 9 professionals for some health tips.

They asked a Professor of Epidemiology who studied at Brown University, Simin Liu: What are some tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank? He answers with, "Buy your own foods, cook them at home, and eat with your family and loved ones. - Don't eat alone whenever possible."

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Many Americans struggle with starting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it without support. To see the entire study overview and the other questions they asked experts with all of their answers for your health journey, check here.