Adventure awaits, and it's just up the road. This month and next, you can hunt for treasure on Jekyll Island, a barrier island in Georgia that's just an hour north of Jacksonville, for the Jekyll Island Treasures 2020 event. Think of it as an excuse for a unique road trip! 

This is a free annual treasure hunt during which participants search for plastic globes around the island with notes inside. There will be 250 clear globes total to discover for this year's hunt.

Two to five are hidden each day, and some may even be found after the event has ended. These leftover globes can still be claimed by March 31. 

If you find one, inside a slip will read, "Congratulations! You found an Island Treasure." Take your globe to the Jekyll Island Guest Information Center. There you can swap it out for the real treasure, a beautiful hand-blown glass float.

The best places to look are the common areas of the island. If you're not having any luck, don't fret. You can buy an Island Treasure at the guest information center. 

The globes are scattered throughout the area by volunteers called "Beach Buddies." Popular places to look include Beach Village, the National Historic Landmark District, and Great Dunes Beach Park.

The event celebrates the nautical history of the island. Around a century ago, fishermen used glass floats in their nets. Some would drift to shore to be discovered by beachgoers, inspiring today's event. 

So what are you waiting for, head on over and join the hunt!

If you're craving more unique adventures, you can take an enchanting horseback ride on Jekyll Island and see the Milky Way on Tybee Island.

2020 Island Treasures 

Price: Free

When: January 2020 through February 2020

Address: Jekyll Island, GA 

Why You Need To Go: You can hunt for hidden treasure on a beautiful secluded island - how often can you say that?

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