Enjoy a different challenge this summer that will make you sweat and practice your ninja skills. Mighty Orion Fitness is a gym with obstacle courses that offer a ninja warrior training course for all ages.

This indoor obstacle course is hosting a unique and fun night event for the family on the first Friday of every month where you will be able to get a sneak peek of what it takes to be on American Ninja Warrior. The fitness center features 6,400 square feet of challenges that will turn you upside down and is the best way to get a good workout.

The event costs $30 for a family of four for one hour. During this hour participants will jump, climb, and run all around the gym. You can check in when you arrive and there is no need to call ahead of time. 

The gym offers different packages for people who want to practice the obstacle courses more than once. The monthly membership begins at $95 per person and it involves all amenities. There will be jumping bars, a warped wall, a rope climb, and other obstacles that will require practice. 

Every participant should sign a waiver before entering the premises here. This ninja warrior event will take place from 4 pm to 8 pm and it serves as a great way to challenge your family members. 

If you ever wanted to practice the challenges presented at American Ninja Warrior then this is the perfect event to see if you are fit enough. 

Family Ninja Warrior Fun Night

Address: 20 Knight Boxx Rd, Orange Park, Florida 32065

Price: $30 for a family of four for one hour

Why you need to go: You can practice becoming a ninja warrior with all of the different obstacle courses at this indoor gym.