The best way to refresh this summer after an outdoor adventure is at a juice bar - but not just any juice bar. This bubble tea bar in Jacksonville known as Tsaocaa will undoubtedly become your new favorite spot after your first visit.

Tsaocaa is the most Instagram-worthy and newest bubble tea bar in Northeast Florida ideal for a girl's day out. The pink walls, heart-shaped chairs and aesthetically pleasing corner is the ideal setting to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your friends.

Tsaocaa calls for a celebration to a feed-obsessed culture seeking for good drinks and a place with unique decor. According to Jay, a Yelp Reviewer, the boba shop's official grand opening is August 1st.

The boba shop is located in Beach Boulevard - also known by the locals as the road with the numerous boba tea shops.

Tsaocca features many drinks and flavors to choose from including Sakura flavored tea, passionfruit and lime green tea, taro milk green tea, brown sugar milk tea and more. You get to choose your sweetness level for each drink and they come in an appealing plastic container that you get to take home. 

The best part about this spot is the dreamy decor that will certainly make you feel like you have your head in the clouds. 

According to Arielle, "As someone who has tried all the boba places, this boba place is probably my favorite because the place is just so dang cute and they have so many options to choose from when it comes to boba flavors."

This place will definitely become one of the top meetup spots with your ladies for its whimsical and dreamy vibe. Don't wait any longer and sip the many different boba creations at Tsaocca.


Address: 10150 Beach Blvd Ste 7 Jacksonville, FL 32246

Hours: The business is in soft opening. Confirm hours here. 

Why you need to go: This chic juice bar is the ideal setting for a girl's day out.