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This Florida Chick-Fil-A Is One Of 3 US Locations That Has A New Limited-Time Drink Menu

Chick-Fil-A might be one of Southerners' favorite fast food restaurant but only one state on the east coast will get Chick-Fil-A's new seasonal lemonades. Jacksonville, Florida will be one of the selected states to get the new Seasonal Mango Passion and Blackberry Blossom Tea Lemonades.

And it only makes sense since Florida is the Sunshine State. In addition, Chick-Fil-A will also release a new Mocha Cream Cold Brew. Yum!

The new beverage offerings are also coming to Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado, which means the midwest will get a taste of tropical flavor.

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The Mango Passion Tea Lemonade is a tropical combination of mango, passionfruit natural flavors and Chick-Fil-A's classic Lemonade and freshly-brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea.

The new Blackberry Blossom Tea Lemonade also features Lemonade and Unsweetened Iced Tea, while infusing the natural flavors of blackberry, hibiscus and blood orange.

According to Chick-Fil-A "A small serving of each is 150 calories, while a large Mango Passion Tea Lemonade has 190 calories and a large Blackberry Blossom Tea Lemonade has 200 calories."

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The lemonades will come in small and large sizes starting at $1.95 and they will be available with combinations of the Diet Lemonade or Sweetened Iced Tea.

As for the Mocha Cream Cold Brew drink is a combination of a swirl of cold-brewed coffee, sweetened cream and chocolate-flavored syrup. This drink starts at $2.69 and comes in small and large servings. The small serving has 300 calories, while the large has 390.

The drinks will be available to customers in Jacksonville (official location to be announced) from October 7th through November 9th. Once the reviews are received by the customers, Chick-Fil-A will evaluate customer feedback before the drink menu nationwide.

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