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New Things Coming To Jacksonville Soon Include A 'Dragon Ball Z' Themed Eatery

If you're wondering what new things are coming to Jacksonville, soon north Floridians won't have to venture far to get some of the best pan-Asian noods. The popular ramen noodle shop In Orlando, Soupa Saiyan will open their new location soon — serving up their delicious soups and nerdy vibes.

If you've never been to Soupa Saiyan before, it's definitely a must go. Their bowls of ramen are HUGE, with tons of options for you to customize it your way. Whether you prefer a classic ramen noodle or the thick chewy bite of udon, they've got you covered. We suggest adding in the fried garlic for good measure.

They even have a GIGANTIC bowl that you'll have to go Super Saiyan yourself to finish.

Aside from their slurpable soups, you'll also find Japanese cheesecake and multiple flavors of pocky for purchase — they even have their own energy drink called Spirit Bomb that's pretty delicious.

The vibe at the new location will be similar to the one in Orlando, with straight-up Dragon Ball Z geekery everywhere you look. Fans of the Orlando location often show up in cosplay or enjoy some DBZ on the shop's t.v.

While the address and operating hours have yet to be announced, Soupa Saiyan let us know that the new location will be in the town center in front of Tinseltown USA, which is located at 4535 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216.

They even gave us all a sneak peek of the new storefront's sign on their Instagram page, and we are too damn excited for this.

Soupa Saiyan 2 as they're calling it is expected to open at the end of October. Kamehame-hell yes!

If you need to indulge your foodie & noodle cravings while you wait, grab the BFFs and make a road trip to Soupa Saiyan's 1st location — Orlando also has a Naruto themed noodle shop that serves Ichiraku style ramen. Or you can venture down to St. Pete to get boozy milkshakes and mac n' cheese topped chicken sandwiches at this sinfully delicious eatery.

An overview of Soupa Saiyan can be seen below.

Soupa Saiyan Asian Noodle Shop

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Pan-Asian noodles, customizable ramen, and Japanese sweets; they offer limited-time bites from time to time, like dumplings.

Address: To Be Announced - it will be located in front of Tinseltown USA in the town center, which is located at 4535 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216.

Why You Need To Go: Some of the best pan-asian noodles you can get in the Sunshine State in an awesome Dragon Ball Z themed space. They even have Japanese cheesecake and Pocky. Cosplayers welcome. 

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