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No You're Not Crazy, Florida Was Actually Ranked One Of The Most Stressful States To Live In

Florida ranks in the top 15 for most stressful state to live.

Life can be a little stressful for everyone - between bills, getting enough sleep, keeping a clean home and maintaining a social life, it gets tough to juggle it all.  Florida has just ranked pretty high on Wallethub's list of the most stressed states - and we're stressin' out.

Wallethub compared all 50 U.S. states across 40 key factors to determine their overall stress rank. The key factors vary from average hours worked each week, to the rate of personal bankruptcy, to the number of adults getting an adequate amount of sleep each night. Each factor is assigned a point value that totals up to receive the overall stress ranking number - 1 being the most stressed to 50 being the least.

To determine which states are the most overwhelmed, they broke the factors down into 4 main groups: Work-Related stress, Money-Related stress, Family-Related stress, and Health & Safety stress.

It's no surprise that Florida ranks so high. With densely populated areas creating constant traffic build-ups and frequent accidents, it's enough for anyone to flip a lid - Not to mention a high cost of living for rent and other bills like car insurance.

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It turns out that Florida also may not be a good place to live for a long and healthy marriage either. Included in this study, Florida also ranked 3rd in the top 5 for the highest rates of divorce alongside Nevada, Louisianna, Missippi, and New Mexico.

Via WalletHub

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If you're not from Florida and want to see where your state's stress ranks, scroll over your state on the map below.

Source: WalletHub

To see the entire list and study with in-depth explanation and full weighted values, check out Wallethub's website here.