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This 'Pizza Cave' In Jacksonville Will Unearth Your Inner Hungry Caveman

So cheesy, even a caveman would eat here!
Pizza Places In Jacksonville Include New Joint At Sun Ray Cinema That Feels Like A Cave

The days of sitting around the fire to enjoy a meal with our fellow cavemen and women have come and gone; however, there's still a sense of community around having hearty bites together. We can take a little step back in time at a new pizza place in Jacksonville. And the craziest part? You'll feel like you're eating in a cave.

Located near Cummer Museum (which is free to visit on Fridays if you need and excuse to go) in Jacksonville's 5 Points, you'll find Pizza Cave — a new addition to Sun-Ray Cinema that offers a little slice of the past with a modern-day twist.

Their spot is decked out to give you the feel of eating your 'za deep within a cozy cave, and it's a pretty unique space.

To achieve this effect, the walls are covered in cavern-like rock formations and murals in deep shades of blue and purple. Add on the blacked-out windows to give a darkened dim feel and you've found yourself transported to a place that hardly feels like a pizza joint.

They've even added in little extra details sprinkled about to enhance the ambiance, including a cute little caveman model skewering a pizza pie with his spear and hanging lantern lights.

This place is unlike anything we've ever seen before. While the cheesy pizzas are the main dealio here, that's not all that Pizza Cave has on their menu.

You'll also find handheld sandwiches, subs, wraps, build your own hot dogs, shakes, and more.

For those who want to booze and bite, you can also sip on beers and wines. You can even get a boozy rootbeer float for an adult frosty sweet treat!

Whether you're here for the vibes or need a place to hit up after seeing a movie with your boo or BFFs, this is one cave that you'll definitely want to explore.

Who's ready to unearth their inner hungry caveman?

Pizza Cave

Price: 💸-💸💸

Cuisine: Pizza, sandwiches, hotdogs, shakes and boozy beverages.

Address: 1018 Park St, Jacksonville, FL

Why You Need To Go: Unearth your inner caveman or woman and indulge in some cheesy 'za, sandwiches, and more. You'll feel like you're eating in a cave surrounded by rock formations with a dimmed chill ambiance.

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