This Secluded Island Near Florida Is Full Of Wild Horses, Ruins & Beaches

Cumberland Island is spectacular.
Take A Road Trip To Cumberland Island

There's a secluded island near Florida where beautiful horses roam freely. Cumberland Island is just a 45-minute drive plus a 45-minute ferry ride away from Jacksonville, FL. Take a short road trip to Cumberland Island away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You may spot wild horses if you're lucky enough. 

Cumberland Island is a large barrier island off the coast of Georgia. Florida visitors coming from Jacksonville can drive to St. Mary's, GA, and from there take a ferry to the island. The ferry is available from March 1 to September 31, making this trip the perfect warm-weather getaway. 

The wild horses on the island are feral, meaning they used to be domesticated but became wild over time, according to the National Park Service (NPS). Today, the horses on Cumberland are not managed and roam free, the NPS reports. If you spot these wild horses, remember to stay a safe distance away and refrain from feeding them.  

The island also has historic ruins to explore. Called the Dungeness Ruins, the building seen below used to be a mansion owned by the Carnegie family in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, according to Atlas Obscura.

You can visit one of the many pretty beaches on the island for a relaxing island experience. There are also many trails to explore, including Dungeness Roadways, River Trail, Nightingale Trail, and Parallel Trail, according to the NPS. 

You can roam among ruins and spot wild horses at Cumberland Island this spring and summer. For more wildlife encounters, check out this wolf sanctuary in Florida and this firefly encounter in Florida

Cumberland Island Ferry

Price: $28 ferry ride 

Address: 113 St Marys St, St. Marys, GA 31558

Why You Need To Go: Take a ferry to Cumberland Island this spring for an incredible island adventure. You may even see wild horses roaming the beaches. 

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