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Spring Has Sprung And Rainy Days Are Now In The Forecast For Florida

Florida's humid weather spells rainy days in the forecast

Spring is finally here - not that winter was particularly cold or anything, but the days are starting to get longer and hotter. Florida isn't always sunny; with the humid Florida weather in the air, rainy days are in the forecast

With so many rainy days in the upcoming forecast, you're going to want to know before you plan your next big Florida Adventure - good thing we have you covered!

If you're looking to explore Miami, now would be the time to do it. With the most sun expected in the upcoming forecast at 9 days, you won't be needing your raincoat as much. You can count on sunny, partly cloudy days today through Tuesday, April 2nd. Don't celebrate too soon though, you can expect to get rained out on Wednesday the 3rd, Friday the 5th, and Saturday the 7th through to the 10th. You can see the full forecast for Miami below.

Via The Weather Channel

It looks like Jacksonville isn't going to catch much of a break in the rain department. Jacksonville is expecting 10 days of rain, 7 of which happen back to back. The rain will first roll in on Sunday evening of the 31st continuing through to the 3rd. They get a small break with 2 dry days but they will be mostly cloudy. The 7 straight days of rain will stretch from Friday, April 5th through to Thursday the 11th. You can see the full forecast for Jacksonville below.

Via The Weather Channel

If you're looking to visit Disney in Orlando - you'll wanna grab your umbrella. Orlando is also expecting to get 7 straight days of showers, with a grand total of 9 rainy days. Enjoy the remaining sunlight today through Sunday the 31st before the rain starts. You'll want to bring something to stay dry on Monday the 1st and Tuesday the 2nd of April, as well as the 5th through the 11th. Orlando's full forecast is below.

Via The Weather Channel

Tampa Bay will have 8 gorgeous sunshiney days in the upcoming forecast - expecting their first drops of rain on Monday the 1st and Tuesday the 2nd of April; The humidity levels in The Bay are expected to spike to about 70% both days. The storms break until the 5th, where they then continue through to the 7th. You can also expect to get wet on April 9th and 10th. Check Tampa's full forecast below.

Via The Weather Channel

For more weather forecasts across Florida, check out The Weather Channel.