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This Florida Lighthouse Is One Of 'The Most Haunted Places In America' And You Can Actually Ghost Hunt In It

Just because it isn't Halloween yet, doesn't mean that we can't get our hearts racing right? The allure of the paranormal is what makes the spooky season best, but sometimes we just can't wait; you can indulge your need for screams right now by going on a ghost tour of the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum is quite a beauty to explore on its own - but this beauty has its spooky side. The lighthouse was built in the 1870s, has been deemed one of the most haunted lighthouses in America by CBS News - Ghost Hunters on the Sy-Fy channel toured as well, confirming the claims.

But is this lighthouse really haunted, you've got to see to believe right? That's the hard thing about paranormal activity, you have to experience it first hand to really know. Whether you're a believer in the paranormal or not, you can experience the unexplained on the lighthouse's Dark of the Moon Ghost hunt tour.

The tour lasts 1.5-2 hours and takes you on a trip up into the 164 ft. tall tower up winding staircases and through narrow corridors. The only source of light you'll have is a glowstick. Feel free to bring your own equipment to capture your experience, or borrow theirs.

Many who have toured this lighthouse have heard voices, seen unexplained shadowy figures and anomalies ahead of them starting; some have even claimed to have been brushed, or feeling like they have been 'passed through' by a spirit. Many have claimed to of seen a woman on the stairs above them as well as hearing a disembodied female voice clearly on their EVP recordings.

The Ghost Hunters TAPS team from the Sy-Fy channel did a tour, where they captured embodied anomalies on camera, as well as distinct EVPs. If you don't think you're brave enough to tour yourself, you can see The Ghost Hunter's tour of the St. Aug Lighthouse below; the evidence debriefing starts at 33:15.

Skeptics have become believers on their ghost tour of the St. Aug Lighthouse, but this tour definitely isn't for the faint of heart as you walk through the tower and corridors at night. If you're feeling brave, or simply seek the thrill of the unexplained, this is the spookiest tour you'll never forget. You may just become a believer in the paranormal.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Ghost Tour

Address: 81 Lighthouse Avenue; use 100 Red Cox Road St. Augustine, FL 32080 for GPS.

Hours: 9am-7pm daily; Dark of the Moon tours get you in after these hours at night when it's dark - tour times are generally between 9 and 10:30 pm for start time. You'll get to choose your time slot when purchasing your ticket.

Price: $25 for a standard Ghost Tour$50 for an Investigation Only Tour

Why you need to go: A spooky tour through one of St. Augustine's most haunted locations, confirmed haunted by Ghost Hunters TAPS on Sy-Fy. Whether you're a skeptic looking to see first hand or are simply fascinated with the paranormal, the Dark of the Moon tour will get your heart racing.

websiteYou can purchase tickets here

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