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This Outhouse Was Transformed Into Florida's Smallest Bar

Perfect for two people.

Florida is known for unique places and out-of-this-world ideas. If you are looking for good beer in a very oddly intimate atmosphere, visit this bar in Fernandina Beach. The Outhouse is the smallest bar in Florida with a limit capacity of three people. 

This bar used to be a bathroom but in 2018 the owners had a different idea. What first started as a joke, later on turned into a dream project. The toilet was removed, the floor was replaced by solid plywood, and even the door was reversed to open outward to allow two customers at a time inside the tiny bar. Roadside America designated this bar as the smallest one in Florida and even smaller than the smallest bar in Key West.

The Outhouse features two coolers, Google Home, a TV and soundbar and wrap-around LED lighting along the ceiling. The moment you walk inside the bar it feels vintage and unique. The bar is decorated with 200 photos glued to the wall depicting bar and drinking scenes from movies and TV shows, and the ceiling was covered with over 2,000 wine corks donated by the community. 

If you find yourself on a road trip, this is a good place to stop and refresh before you hit the road again. You can play darts with their magnetic dart board hanging on the door and make your own poetry with magnetic poetry. The bar also has LED and disco lights to make your date more romantic.

* You can purchase some souvenirs such as glasses, shot glasses, t-shirts, or hoodies to show off your family your road trip adventures online. If you would like to grab a cold one during your adventures, the bar not only serves complimentary wine and beer during events, but, they also serve complimentary wine and beer to our Artisan Village art gallery patrons during normal business hours. 

The Outhouse bar is on Amelia Island outside of the Artisan Village Art Gallery located at 2188 Sadler Road. The bar is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.

*Editor's note: This story was updated at 10am on 5/7/2019