The Weirdest Paranormal R-Rated Circus Is Finally Coming To Florida (PHOTOS)

Paranormal Cirque is coming to Tallahassee.
The Weirdest Paranormal R-Rated Circus Is Finally Coming To Florida (PHOTOS)

Things are about to getweird in Florida. There's an R-rated and paranormal circus heading to north Florida and is only for adults. Paranormal Cirque is finally coming to Tallahassee and it is anything but your traditional family-friendly circus. 

The Paranormal Cirque is a combination of circus, theatre, and cabaret. This is not the pretty performances you'll see at Cirque Du Soleil. This is way different, with a thriller theme performance that will make you feel like you're in a horror film. The circus features unusual acts, aerialists, scary actors, burlesque show, and adult humor. 

The paranormal activity takes place inside a black and red tent called the 'dark castle'. The audience gets a pre-show before the circus starts with scary actors roaming around. Yes, it feels a little bit like Halloween town. The show is for adults 17 and over but ages 13-17 are welcome if they're accompanied by an adult. 

The Clown Castle will turn your nightmares into reality and accelerate your heart. This circus will be hosted from February 28th through March 3rd. The show will also travel to Pensacola and Panama City Beach. The adult tickets start at $20 and you can buy them here. 

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According to St. Augustine news, the circus acts include aerial loop, chiffon aerialists, Cyr wheel, parallel bars, dancers, cabaret and more. One thing you should know. There are no nets during the aerial acts. Now, that is scary!

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If you're into thrillingexperiences, this is one show you should add to your bucket list.