Ice cream, milkshakes, sweets - oh my! With summer fast approaching, our sweet tooth is begging for a cool treat to beat the heat. In St Augustine Florida, this one-stop sweet spot serves the most insane milkshakes.

The Sweet Spot in the old historic St. George Street St. Augustine is a sugary sweet little shop that is seriously adorable. If you haven't been to St. George Street, the buildings adorn their original architecture style from the 1700s and make you feel like you've stepped right into the past - it's super cool and you can grab the best milkshake you've ever had while you explore.

The shop features over 50 different ice cream flavors and tons of goodies for you to customize your milkshake. Their popular Super Shakes are massive milkshakes that come in a cute little mason jar; stuffed to the top with your favorite toppings and add-ins like wafer cookies, sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, and even cupcakes -And when you order one of their Super Shakes, you get to keep the mason jar it comes in.

Super cute - and you can repurpose it to be your new hippie juice jar for when you go floatin' down one of Florida's best natural lazy rivers. Just look at all these mouth-watering milkshakes:

If you don't think you could finish a whole one, they're definitely big enough for 2; share the cookies and cream Super Shake with your BFF or boyfriend - they are after all the cookie to your cream.

via @heathahhfeathahh

Aside from the most deliciously insane milkshakes in all of St. Augustine, they also have 40 flavors of ice cream that you can enjoy alone, baked goods, edible cookie dough (you know we all love to eat raw cookie dough), ice cream sandwiches and much much more. They don't call it The Sweet Spot for nothin'!

The Sweet Spot is open from 10 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 10 am - 12 am midnight on Friday and Saturday for those who get their sweet cravings late at night.

If you're ready to get a sugar buzz, The Sweet Spot is located at 32 St George St, St. Augustine, FL 32084. St. George Street is a pedestrian-only area of St. Augustine to maintain the old-timey feel of St. Augustine's History - so definitely plan for parking and walking.

If you haven't visited the Historic District of St. Augustine, you definitely should! You can read more about St. George's Street and it's many options to explore here.