This Milkshake Bar In Florida Has A Lisa Frank Inspired Milkshake And You Absolutely Need To Try It

The Yard Milkshake Bar has the most amazing milkshake menu.
This Milkshake Bar In Florida Has A Lisa Frank Inspired Milkshake And You Absolutely Need To Try It

There is a sweet bar tucked away in Panama City Beach. The Yard Milkshake serves the most whimsical shakes and has the best dairy menu you'll ever taste. 

This bar is four hours away from Jacksonville and five hours away from Tampa. So, if you're heading west on a road trip, we recommend you make a quick stop here. The Yard Milkshake Bar has two other locations in Alabama and one location opening soon in D'iberville, Mississippi. The bar has 18 specialty milkshakes such as The Mermaid, The Sea Turtle, The Unicorn, Pretty in Pink shake, among other crazy things. 

The menu also offers a lactose-free shake option called the Fruit Punch which includes raspberry sorbet topped with non-dairy whipped cream, fruit popsicle, and frozen grapes. Guests can also create their own milkshake and choose from 32 flavors, more than 36 toppings, and 24 specialty toppings such as chocolate dipped bacon, chocolate dipped s'more, and other delicious inventions. 

This isn't your typical milkshake bar. Once you arrive you will be greeted by three different menus. You can choose from Specialty Milkshakes menu, Everything Else menu, and a Shake Boss Menu.

The Shake Boss Menu is for half gallon Shake Boss Shake! The Everything Else Menu includes regular milkshakes, bowls, cones, floats, WAFFLES, doughnuts and more. Lines can get pretty long during Spring Break, but the wait-time is definitely worth it. 

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Currently, the Milkshake Bar has a Lisa Frank inspired milkshake with birthday cake ice cream dipped in marshmallow and a special unicorn sprinkle mix. This milkshake comes with a FREE Lisa Frank sticker. The milkshakes cost between $14-$18.

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The bar is located in Pier Park at 15801 L.C Hilton Jr. Dr. #110. This could be the most refreshing drink and sweet you'll have during Spring break.

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