You might think that Florida is all about tropical hammocks and flat terrains, but there is an ancient tree hidden in the north with the most beautiful branches. Treaty Oak is one of Florida's oldest trees with octopus-like branches estimated to be over 250 years old.

The oak is located in Jessie Ball duPont Park by the Southbank area and the fictitious story tells that this tree was the location were Indians and settlers signed peace treaties. The story was written in order to save the tree from being destroyed by developers. 

Jessie Ball duPont Park is a seven-acre urban park with a live oak that serves as the perfect backdrop for images and wedding photoshoots. According to the Visit Florida website, this massive oak measures 25 feet in circumference a height of 70 feet and branches swooping and spreading out to 190 feet in diameter.

If you are looking for a unique and ethereal backdrop that doesn't look like any other place in Florida, this is the spot. The branches are so long and wide that some of them actually extend all the way to the ground.

This majestic place is one of the most popular spots for outdoor weddings and engagement photos. The tree offers the perfect shades for your afternoon picnic or meditation session. Read a book under the canopy or practice some yoga stretches. Treat Oak is the perfect spot to find some zen in the middle of the urban mess. The Southern oak is unusual to Florida but a great centerpiece for your next event or photo shoot. 

Locals tend to climb the tree but do not follow this behavior as climbing is not allowed. 

Treat Oak is located in Jessie Ball duPont Park at 1207 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207. It is free to the public.