This Unique Grain Silo Tiny Home For Sale In Florida Is On 25 Acres Of Country Charm

Simply country livin'!
Tiny Home Living In A Tiny Home For Sale In Florida Would Be Peaceful On 25 Acre Ranch

For many, the dream of simple living consists of minimal material possessions, a return to nature, and a decent amount of solitude. It’s this inclination for owning less and living large that draws many people to tiny home living; a tiny home for sale in Florida seems to perfectly combine all of these elements — with an added flair of creativity. This custom-built cottage is constructed to look like a grain silo and sits on 25 acres of peaceful ranch property.

Tiny homes are already super unique, but to live inside a cottage that looks like it’s over 100 years old — that was really finished in 2016 — is certainly a great conversation point. This silo-inspired house looks like it popped right out of an antique magazine but has all of your modern amenities.

Totaling only 454 square feet, it has electricity, plumbing, a full bathroom and kitchen with a cast-iron stove, as well as a gorgeous view from every window.

The cottage was built by an equestrian, so those with an appreciation for ranch life will especially like this property. The tiny home sits on 25 acres of land and is perfect for that dream mini-ranch house with pasture views for days you’ve been fantasizing about.

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7,000 feet of unclimbable horse fencing, five different paddocks, and 30 feet of riding trails around the property make it the perfect home-side oasis for you and some four-legged friends.

The cottage is divided into two floors with the full kitchen on the first, complete with reclaimed pallet wood used for the cabinets, and beautiful, hardy cement countertops.

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The top floor holds a loft-like living room and leads out to a wrap-around porch with a full view of the property and skyline; perfect for a porch party with your closest friends.

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The home is stationary, so while you won’t be traveling with it like some mobile tiny homes, it’s the perfect place to settle down for some simple country living.

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Florida Silo House

Price: $200,000

Address: Lake City, FL

Description: For nature lovers, rancheros, and minimalists alike! A unique home perfect for tiny living with 25 acres of country charm views surrounding you.

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