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Too Hot To Handle's Haley Cureton's Instagram Has Tons Of Florida Pics

If you haven’t started Too Hot To Handle on Netflix yet, consider this your official invitation to do so. The new reality hit revolves around conventionally good looking people looking for love at a seaside resort, but they're not allowed to get frisky with each other or they risk losing out on the $100,000 cash prize. While the concept can feel like a stretch, one of the stars, Haley Cureton, is pretty relatable. If you need some proof, her Instagram account is full of pics showcasing her Florida pride.

Her sunny origins seem to be of great importance to her, at least enough to make it into the bio section of her account.

Short, sweet and to the point, her bio reads, "Too Hot To Handle - Haley @netflix FL • Jax Beach 22 ~ ♓️"

The personal info on her account states that she is living in Jacksonville, and on the show, she’s also mentioned that she was in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at the University of North Florida.

Cureton doesn’t seem to be too active on social media, as there are currently only 21 posts on her account. Most of the photos showcase her soaking up that Florida sun either on the beach or in a bikini, toting captions like “Island vibes.”

A true Floridian.

The Florida native was kicked off the show for, as Screen Rant quotes it, “not having a positive impact on the group as a whole," and not "showing signs of personal growth."

Screen Rant also detailed a previous post to Cureton's Instagram story where she revealed some displeasure with the way Netflix portrayed her.

"I'm not even in a sorority anymore. I said so many things in my intro and that's what they chose to show," said Cureton, "I'm not even associated with it anymore and I have so many greater accomplishments in life than being in a fkn sorority."

Despite her departure from the show, she has been promoting Too Hot To Handle in posts and on her Instagram stories lately.

Do you think you would’ve felt the same way Haley did if you were on the show? You'll just have to watch it and decide for yourself!

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