Invite your smartest friends to the coolest escape game coming to Florida. All you need is a team of smart people and some clues to solve the puzzles. The Escape Game is finally coming to Jacksonville and it will open at St. Johns Town Center at the end of the month.

The escape rooms are unique and one-of-a-kind with different themes. It will feature five themed games that will put your mind to work. You'll have the chance to escape prison, hunt for gold, pass a class, recover a priceless painting, and uncover the secret plot. After a while, they will add additional escape room themes. 

The company's website touts that their rooms will allow you to "travel to unexplored planets, alternate realities and even through time."

The adventure costs $32.99 per person and you can purchase tickets here. Each adventure has a rating difficulty and a limited amount of players. You'll have 60 minutes to escape a room, work with your team and think fast. The themed adventures opening next month are Gold Rush, Playground, The Heist, Prison Break, and Special Ops: Mysterious Market. 

The Heist and Prison Break are one of the most challenging games to solve. You'll transform into a spy and try to recover the painting before the time's up. You can also help your team to escape prison for a crime they did not commit. These adventures let 2-8 players participate.

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Once the clock is ticking down to zero the game becomes more exhilarating. You'll interact with the characters in the game and definitely feel like in a live action video game. 

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The Escape Game is located at 4720 Town Crossing Drive, Suite 107 Jacksonville, FL. You can find more information here on their website.