Jagmeet Singh's Brother Gurratan Has Been Called His "Secret Weapon"

Family forever!
Jagmeet Singh Brother Gurratan Has Been Called His "Secret Weapon"

A sibling bond seems to be an almost unbreakable friendship that can last for a lifetime. A relationship that is cherished, especially for people with a particularly close connection, like Jagmeet Singh. Brother Gurratan seems to stand by the NDP leader through everything, and is himself an MPP for Brampton East.

Supporting one another through the toughest of times, both Jagmeet and Gurratan have proven how important they are to each other.

In a Toronto Star article from 2017, Gurratan was referred to as Jagmeet's "Secret Weapon" when it came to staying positive.

Prior to becoming the leader of the NDP, Singh had his brother by his side. Gurratan encouraged him to make sure he's "digging into that positivity," according to the Toronto Star article. Gurratan's key advice of "make sure you dig into that energy that makes you you" seems to have stuck with his brother.

As the NDP leader mentions in an adorable throwback post on Instagram of him and his brother for International Siblings Day: "I went from teaching you to learning from you." Singh also mentioned that if it wasn't for his little brother, he wouldn't be on the journey he's currently on.

After confronting a man who was spewing Islamophobia at this year's Muslim Fest, Gurratan thanked his sibling for teaching him to deal with these situations. Gurratan shared the incident on Twitter and said his brother has always taught him to face racism in the right way.

In a CBC article, Singh says he admires his brother for the way he responded. "I gotta admit, I'm proud of my brother for responding with strength, responding clearly that that is wrong," said Singh to reporters.

"Any time I've been faced — or any time my brother clearly has been faced — with Islamophobia, the response hasn't been 'hey, I'm not a Muslim,' it's 'hey, hate is wrong and we've got to stand together,'" said Singh.

Singh also suggests that his brother is his biggest critic, but in the best possible way. Everyone needs someone to keep them in check in some regard, and when Singh needs the truth, he feels he can always count on his brother to tell him straight up. 

"If I give a speech and people are like 'that was OK, that was OK,' I'll be like 'Gurratan, tell me the truth.' And he'll be like 'it was horrible, man. You did a really bad job,'" said Singh to the Star.

Sounds useful, to be honest!

Singh can count on his brother to help him be set on the right path as he continues on his journey as NDP leader.

In other words, he supports him consistently but isn't afraid to give him a reality check when needed. Close sibling bonds are useful at the best of times but in politics? Now, that's a secret weapon.

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