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Jagmeet Singh's Conservative Joke Got A Huge Laugh In An Ontario Diner (VIDEO)

The NDP Leader talked electoral reform and his thoughts on Andrew Scheer.

All of the Canadian federal candidates are making their final push as the election enters its final days before voting takes place on October 21. That includes NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who was campaigning in Ontario with provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath on October 17. During a press conference in Welland, Jagmeet Singh's thoughts on Conservatives were made totally clear.

When asked to clarify whether or not he would respect or allow Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and his party to form a government if they won the most seats in Parliament, Singh responded very plainly, "We don't respect Conservatives, no."

The response brought laughter and cheers from the crowd gathered in the diner to see the NDP leader speak. He followed his quip up with further clarification on what he meant.

"What I mean is that just because Mr. Scheer thinks that if he gets a certain number of seats, that we’re going to give up fighting against Conservatives. No, we’re going to always fight Conservatives because we don’t believe in their cuts to services," Singh said.

Singh was responding to a statement that Andrew Scheer made about how the other parties should respect whichever party wins the most seats and allow them to form a government

"We would expect that other parties would respect the fact that whichever party wins the most seats gets to form the government and that they will understand that if Canadians — when Canadians endorse our platform, we will have the right to implement it," Scheer said on CTV News.

Singh was not just taking shots at Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives during the press conference, however. He also took the opportunity to talk about how Justin Trudeau had failed to keep his promise of electoral reform.

"We were promised by Mr. Trudeau that this would change. He said we would end first-past-the-post systems because it’s so unfair, and he broke that promise," Singh said.

According to the CBC Poll Tracker, the NDP is in third place as of October 17 with 18.3 percent support.

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