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Jagmeet Singh Shared An Emotional Post About Missing His Mom & Now We're Crying (PHOTO)

Right now, there's no choice but to stay away from the ones we love. Even Jagmeet Singh's Instagram account is reflecting how hard it can be. The NDP leader shared a childhood photo on Wednesday, and it's totally tugging at our heartstrings.

In an April 27 post, Singh shared a peek into his past with a picture of him as a young kid, giving his mom a big hug and flashing that familiar smile at the camera.

His younger brother, Gurratan, also makes an appearance as an adorable baby in a flowery onesie.

"It's been a while since I've hugged my mom," Singh wrote in his caption. "While we all know how important it is to physically distance, especially for our loved ones who are more vulnerable, it's hard."

Aww, Jagmeet!

The NDP leader also acknowledged the difficulties faced by vulnerable Canadians during this time, especially when it comes to financial matters, such as losing a job because of the pandemic.

"To everyone out there going through a tough time, we see you," he wrote. "We know there are far too many people falling through the cracks and we are fighting every day to fix that.

"We are going to get through this together, by taking better care of each other."

Singh has been pushing hard for more financial assistance for Canadians during this time. His biggest objective has been to make the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit universal.

"Make the CERB universal so that no one gets left behind, And so that students - and anyone else who needs help - can get 2,000$ right away," he wrote in an April 22 tweet.

Singh's wife, Gurkiran Kaur, has also been sharing updates from life in lockdown, including a post about her most recent socially distanced birthday.

Canadians likely want to know when exactly they will be able to be around their loved ones again.

However, Prime Minister Trudeau and Dr. Theresea Tam have both expressed that it could still be a while before things return to normal.

Until then, we'll just have to keep on loving our family members from afar. We feel ya, Jagmeet!

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