NDP Loses Seats Despite Jagmeet Singh’s Cool Dad Charm

His TikToks weren't enough.
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NDP Loses Seats Despite Jagmeet Singh’s Cool Dad Charm

Over the course of the 43rd federal election campaign, there was one person who really seemed to attract the attention of many Canadians. Between making viral TikTok videos, creating “Punjabi Poutine” and Instagram DM’ing with Rihanna, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was expected to earn his party up to 20 percent of the decided national vote. However, as the country’s votes begin to trickle in, it seems that Jagmeet Singh’s NDP leadership has lost the party power.

It is hard to deny that Jagmeet Singh has had a strong federal campaign. Between unofficial endorsements from Drake and Rihanna, to going viral for unique recipes and election rap videos, the NDP leader was largely expected to vastly increase support for his party.

Back in 2015, the NDP won 44 seats, earning them a 19.7 percent share in Canada. Today, the NDP has earned a projected 24 seats, with a 15 percent projection.

As the election results are beginning to trickle in across the country, it seems that the NDP has failed to garner the support expected so far this year, even losing seats in some ridings.

Earlier on in this campaign, it was predicted that Jagmeet Singh’s gentle nature and cool “dad-like” personality would provide a boost in support for the NDP, particularly from young people. 

However, it seems that things haven’t quite gone to plan for the NDP, who have lost a considerable amount of seats, particularly in Quebec to Bloc Québécois.

While this does sound like bad news for Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, it isn’t necessarily. Not long ago, CBC officially declared that there would be a minority Liberal government in Canada, which will open up the opportunity for the Liberals and the NDP to work together.

A minority government means that the Liberal party will need to work with a second party in order to get legislation passed moving forward. Over the course of the election campaign, both Trudeau and Singh have flirted with the idea of coming together, although neither has made any sort of official commitments. With hundreds of thousands of votes still to count, the night is still young.

There is still plenty of opportunity for Jagmeet Singh and the NDP to pick up those significant additional votes, and with an election like this, nothing is certain!

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