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Jagmeet Singh Super Fans Are Trying His Viral Punjabi Poutine & It Looks So Yum (PHOTOS)

When's the Jagmeet Singh Cookbook going to drop? We need it!
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Jagmeet Singh Super Fans Are Trying His Viral Punjabi Poutine & It Looks So Yum (PHOTOS)

It's the recipe taking the country by storm, a play on a classic Canadian dish that we all love. Jagmeet Singh's Punjabi poutine is a big hit with Canadians. Now people across the country are trying out his recipe for themselves and sharing their own versions of it online. 

Singh might be famous for being the leader of the federal NDPs but he's been making waves in Canada thanks to his recipe that puts a Punjabi spin on poutine. 

On October 14, Singh posted a video of him making the now-famous Punjabi poutine and it was so popular on social media that he not only shared a video of him making it but the entire recipe too. 

"I'm blending Quebec with Punjabi background [to] do a mash-up which is going to be my take on poutine — Punjabi-Quebec style," Singh said in the video. 

The video was shared to Singh's Twitter and Facebook on Thanksgiving Day and shows him making his Punjabi poutine for himself and an Ontario woman who won an Eat with Jagmeet contest. 

After watching Singh's video some Canadians took to their kitchens to try it out for themselves. The consensus is that it's a great dish. 

People who made the dish for themselves called it "absolutely delish" and "amazing." One person even said that Singh, who inspired her to make the dish, is her "number one political man."

Singh mentions what he uses to make his Punjabi poutine in the video he posted, but since people were asking for the exact recipe he decided to share that on Twitter too. 

Here's Singh's Punjabi Poutine recipe:

For the fries use sweet potatoes that are cut into cubes and saute them in a frying pan with coconut oil. 

To make the gravy, saute onions and then add garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Then it's time to add spices to the sauce, as Singh calls it, which is a little bit of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, sea salt, pepper cayenne, and cloves. 

When the sweet potatoes are just about ready, add the cheese curds to the frying pan as well. But not just any cheese curds, it has to be "fresh cheese curds so it's still got the squeaky squeaky."

Then pour on the gravy and you're ready to go!

But there is one more ingredient on Singh's list, at the end of the recipe he writes "Lots of Love." It's unclear whether that's actually supposed to go in the dish or just Singh's sign-off but it can't hurt to include it! 

Singh showed impressive skills in the kitchen and there's no doubt he would be able to make it through Chopped Canada on his knife skills alone. 

While we don't think an appearance on a Food Network show will be happening, there are always other ways he could share his love of cooking with Canadians. 

Now we just have to wait and see if he'll do us all a favour and drop the official Jagmeet Singh Cookbook so Canadians can learn all his other secret recipes.

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