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Jagmeet Singh Is Officially On Tik Tok & He's Posting Election Raps (VIDEO)

He spoke out about the viral video on Friday afternoon.
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Jagmeet Singh Is Officially On Tik Tok & He's Posting Election Raps (VIDEO)

Just when you thought New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh couldn’t get any more millennial, he has now joined a popular social network. Jagmeet Singh's Tik Tok rap is all about the election and his policies in an appeal to young voters. After a hectic month of DM’ing with Rihanna,hanging out with Drake’s producer, and conjuring up "Punjabi Poutine," Singh has officially reached peak millennial status in an attempt to attract young Canadian voters. 

Already one of the most followed party leaders on social media, the NDP leader has now decided to branch out into Tik Tok, a social media app that allows users to edit videos and soundtracks, and make short, shareable videos.

While political leaders trying to get involved with modern social media channels doesn't always go down well, this move seems to have worked well in Singh's favour!

In a brand new video posted to the app on Thursday night, Singh can be seen lip-sync rapping to “Choices” by E-40. As the rap alternates between the words “yep” and “nope,” Singh points to all of his NDP policies that appear on the screen.

While the video is a pretty blatant attempt at connecting with younger Canadians on social media, it appears to be working exactly as intended.

One Canadian took to Twitter to comment on Singh's Tik Tok video, writing, "I am screeching in joy! The man knows how to get millennials engaged in politics! Especially important since they make up the biggest bloc of eligible voters."

Another shared a similar comment, noting, "I'm not a big believer in the political utility of memeing, but if I was, I'd tell you there's not a single political leader in the western world who understands Gen Z semiotics like this guy does."

The excitement continued across Twitter, as another Canadian exclaimed, "Literally an icon! What other political figure is on TIK TOK!"


When asked about his viral Tik Tok video on Friday afternoon, Singh explained to the media that he wanted to use “every tool available to connect with people, particularly young people.”

The NDP leader went on to add, “They are a powerful force, they can change the world, and I want to engage them. And I know that they want to be engaged.”

With the election now just days away, it remains to be seen if Singh's viral Tik Tok video, his celebrity DM's and his Punjabi Poutine will have a lasting impact on Canadian voters, young and old.

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