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Jagmeet Singh Cannot Stop TikToking & Just Put Out Another Video

This is the NDP leader's second TikTok clip.
Jagmeet Singh's TikToks Just Keep Coming

Having an election in the age of social media means you have to get creative to reach voters. For the NDP that means that Jagmeet Singh's TikToks just keep coming. The leader of the federal New Democrats shook the nation this week when he posted a video to the popular platform TikTok, rapping about his election policies. However, it seems one video wasn't enough. 

On Friday Night, Jagmeet Singh again took to the platform to share a bit more about his policies. This time, the video, which appears to be taken on Singh's campaign plane, starts by saying "If you like someone who's going to fight for..." 

Then as the music continues phrases like "pharmacare," "affordable housing," "lower cell phone bills," "real climate action," "dental care," "electoral reform," and "taxing the super rich" appear on the screen. 

As the phrases all disappear Singh walks into the frame, sits down, looks around a bit and then looks straight into the camera, points and lip syncs "you know I'm your type, right?" To make it even better he twirls his mustache on the word "right."

The line is from the song "Indigo" by NIKI. The song has become popular on TikTok with many people making their own videos just like Jagmeet Singh's, which was also shared on his Instagram story. 

The video has been liked on TikTok around 97,000 times and has over 3500 comments. 

However, the comments are mixed with one user saying "This is actually a really smart way of getting the message across to the younger voting population." Meanwhile, another said, "U know he’s bout to be a good prime minister when he has Tik tok." 

On the flip side, however, some TikTok users weren't impressed by the video or by Singh. A number of people commented to say that they would never support Singh or that they were voting for another party. 

A couple of commenters also took issue with the fact that Singh made the video on his playing. One said, "Real "climate action" and video is taken in a jet..." while another said "Fight for climate action from a jet? Uhhhhhh...." 

Another user comments, "Taxing the super-rich while he is in first class." 

When asked about using TikTok while on the campaign trail yesterday, Singh simply said he wanted to take advantage of "every tool available to connect with people, particularly young people." 

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