People Can't Stop Talking About Jagmeet Singh's Relatable "Ears Out" Photo

While he's getting a lot of love, some say they still won't vote for him.
Jagmeet Singh's Twitter Photo With His "Ears Out" Gets Compliments From Canadians

Canadians have plenty of candidates to choose from in the federal election, even if Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer are the current frontrunners. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, in particular, seems to have made an impression on a lot of the voting population. Some of that might have to do with the doses of personality shared on Jagmeet Singh's Twitter.

Most recently, Singh shared a photo of himself on the NDP plane, writing "You know it's been a long day when the ears are out 😂 #elxn43."

In the included photo, Singh is resting his head on the plane window and has his signature turban pulled up off of his ears.

It's exactly the kind of low-key display Canadians might expect from the NDP leader at this point in the election. Singh has previously shared other humourous moments on his Twitter, such as when he received one of those text messages from "Sarah from the Conservative Party." 

In that tweet, which included a photo of Singh looking none-too-impressed, the NDP leader wrote, "Today I vowed never to prop up an Andrew Scheer government. I guess they’re just double checking? Still no, Sarah. Still no."

Canadians seemed to react positively to Jagmeet's ear reveal, and yet many of them still said that they would not vote for him or the NDP in the federal election. Instead, they mostly shared their admiration for Singh's personality and the way he composes himself.

Last week, Canadians were also surprised by Singh's impressive french skills. Not to mention, Rihanna started following the NDP leader on Instagram which had party fans buzzing. 

"Jagmeet you are very likeable, too bad your party has such a terrible history in British Columbia and what they are doing with ICBC and for that I can never bring myself to vote NDP," wrote @ForMyBro37.

"Respect your style and determination Mr.Singh but I can’t support NDP policies," wrote @TimLaudel.

The NDP party is currently in third place with 14.3 percent support, according to the CBC Poll Tracker. The Canadian federal election will take place on October 21.

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